Vision Quest with Horses

A journey to the rhythm of your soul

A journey to the rhythm of your soul



Vision Quest with Horses is a guided journey where you travel for 14 days in a group, with horses and also alone, to recover your own vision for yourself and your life in depth and carry it into the light.


Part 1: The separation phase

In the community you have space to turn to yourself. What is calling you? What are your topics? What is your vision quest about for you? You are preparing to leave everything behind, to die in order to be born again. You also go into encounter with the horses. Contact from heart to heart and between souls. They amplify your inner call and entice longings without words.

It is an intensive preparation. Everyone does them for themselves, but we are together. Still. Because then it goes to the transition where you break away from the community to be alone.


Part 2: The threshold passage


You say goodbye to the community and take the place you have chosen for yourself. Are you with you. Fasting. In the middle of nature. You feel yourself. Stripping off shells. Get in touch with your visions. You meet the elements. Naked and pure. More and more connected to yourself. During the solo time the leaders in the basic camp support you energetically with rituals and ceremonies.


Part 3: Integration


On the fourth day at sunrise you return to base camp. You come back to the community. It is a new arrival, because you yourself have become new. We celebrate and celebrate. Appreciate and thank. Share and connect us. Your vision from the four days gets space and you have the opportunity to prepare it for everyday life. The horses are also important in this process and support you to integrate your experiences and bring visions into life.

More dates in planning! At this point, the vision quest is integrated into the year group. There is an opportunity for 3 people to book them individually!

Vision quest with horses in the mountains of Grisons

Date: 10.08. until 21.08.`20

Costs: 3’000- 3’900 CHF (according to self-assessment)

You can register with the annual group using the contact form or the calendar of events.