With open hearts

touched by life.


I exist in many facets and yet I am always one

My way through the eye of the needle


I live what I share and teach with you

My name is Sieglinde Zottmaier, I am a medicine woman.

I have experienced many challenges in my life. Abuse, alcoholism, burnout and insolvency.

My resilience, my inquiring mind and my basic trust have enabled me to discover and develop my skills and now share them with others.

My turning point came when I realized that the successful gourmet restaurant and hotel Schauenstein, which I had opened and managed with my then partner Andreas Caminada – and experienced a kind of fairytale in the process – would not be good for me in the long term. Exhausted, I gave up my life and discovered my connection with horses during this transitional period. I eventually bought my first horse, Rainbow, and opened a small restaurant.

Unfortunately, the restaurant failed and I had to file for bankruptcy. My time in gastronomy came to an end.

In this magical moment, the moment between times, I became free of any expectations. I had the opportunity to rewrite my story.

I have been living close to nature with my herd of horses in the Grisons Alps for 15 years now. The horses and the wild nature accompany me and guide me through our everyday life together.

The horses are medicine. Every day, horses and nature touch and teach me with their pure wisdom. The simplicity and clarity of our rural existence, today with my partner Alfons Cotti, create a space that I am happy to share.

I share this space in order to successfully accompany people on their path to inner serenity, the desire to dream their own vision into life and a “laisser faire” attitude of integrity.

Speak your truth – Walk your talk

My journey of resilience and transformation has set me free and taught me that we always have the opportunity to rewrite our story to speak our truth and live it. I am grateful for the challenges that I have gone through and am still going through, because they allow me to become who I am every day.

My medicine

Horses – Plants – Wilderness – Body – Mind

Death in the shamanic sense. I walk with you fearlessly into the deepest cave of your being to bring your truth to life.

My own life experience incorporates the building blocks I have collected from many horse people, teachers and entities. A big thank you at this point to all the encounters, dialogs and teachings that have allowed me to grow into my form and let me continue to do so. Thank you!

In solidarity


Education and training - please click

Compassionate Inquiry according to Gabor Maté and Sat Darham Kaur – in studies

Certified Breathwork Instructor with Michaël Bijker, www.yogalap.com

Thaiyoga – Massage according to Krishnataki, www.thaiyogamassage.gr

Jikiden Reiki, level Okuden, with Karin Birchler, www.sawah.ch

Nuad Thai massage, with Christian Bäumle, www.sensib.ch

Moon Mother Level 3, Womb Blessing Attunement – Female Energy Awakening with Miranda Gray, www.wombblessing.com, 2023

Cacao Gurdian, Initiation and Medicine Training with Serap Kara, www.cacomama.com, 2021

Seminar to accompany young adults within vision quests and working in nature, Christian Kirchmair, July 2020.

Psychotherapeutic knowledge for vision quest leaders and all those who work with people in nature, Sylvia Koch-Weser and Robert Bögle, March 2020.

Four Shields of the Sacred Fool with Meredith Little, Susann Belz, and Franz P. Redl, September 2019.

Vision Quest in Ticino with Sibyl Brugger & Joseph Stenz, August 2019

Four Shields of Mindfulness, mindfulness seminar with Meredith Little(www.schooloflostborders.org) and Susann Belz, May 2019.

Freedom Based Training™ with Elsa Sinclair (
), May 2018

Supervision and exchange with Matthias Geysen and my horses (
), 2018

Introductory course in SOMATIC EXPERIENCING ® according to Peter A. Levine, 2018

Farmer with professional certificate; 2017

Training as Hero’s Journey Instructor with horses with Ulrike Dietmann, www.spirithorse.info, 2016-17

Specialized training horse transport and horse trade patent

Trail riding course and personality development with horses with Caroline Wolfer; 2015

Leaseholder and manager of Pferdealp Hohmattli CH, April 2014 to March 2020

Horse keeping and breeding course, SKN for keeping more than 11 horses and SVPS driving certificate; 2014

Horsemanship courses at the Pat Parelli Center USA, with Mira Geldermann DE and Michael Wanzenried CH; 2008 -2016

Permaculture practitioner according to Sepp Holzer, Krameterhof AT; 2013-2014

Managing director with Andreas Caminada: construction of Schloss Schauenstein, Fürstenau; www.schauenstein.ch, 2003-2008

Hotellière/Restauratrice HF, Belvoirpark Zurich; 2002

Nursing specialist HF, Munich, DE; 1990




Out and about in nature

My herd of horses



The moon



Cosmos and Earth



Wild at Heart



The carer


I am always by your side

The king and healer 1997 – 2023


you are loved

2015 – 2023



The benevolent


I like to work with:

Alfons Cotti

My friend, horseman and saddle developer


Natalie Frey

Heart nurse and partner for vision


Andrea Robert

Friend, companion in the world of horses for children


Elvira Perottoni

The woman for strengthening the self-healing of man and animal

Autobiological learning