MARMORERA – Winter stable

Depth in lightness

Grounding – Erection


Murmarera, is the name of the village in Romansh. It has a mystical transformative beauty.

This is where we, the horses and I, invite you.

To the Veia Natons 15, the winter quarters of the herd of horses. Above are the associated pastures, including winter pasture.

A quiet place with depth, mirrored by the lake below.

Just right to let the horses lead you into the infinite lightness of being. They see you pure and show you the beauty that lies in disharmony as well as in harmony. And how to stay present in an erect way, so as not to miss either the happiness, or the challenge.

Offers that take place in Marmorera:

1:1 Coaching in the horse herd

Soulwalks with the horses

Beginner’s offer “From the ground to the horse”.