ALP FLIX – “Tga Tartaruga”

Magic and elemental force

the place for The Interior


Once you’ve been here, you’ll be back.

The intensity of the feeling of living up here and being on the road is what I want to bring you closer to. Here you come to the source of your power by yourself.

In the silence of winter I offer you here a unique space to retreat. Into your essence of clarity, nurturing your truthfulness.


24h Moon Ceremony “Only YOU

“The Womb – Jouney to your inmost cave” – 3 to 7 days 1:1 Visionquest

“Time-out” – if your trauma challenges you – also possible over several weeks

Details can be found here.

In summer, the magic and elemental force in the diversity of flora, fauna, lakes, high moor and surrounding mountains will captivate you.

You can tell I love this place!

As soon as the snow leaves space for the plants again, I come with my horses from Marmorera up here to the Alp Flix. Sometimes at the end of April, sometimes at the end of May, every year as nature wills it.

The horses experience their being horses as close to nature as possible, and I experience my being human…. A gift!

Since this year I have even more space for you.

Tga Tartaruga – Alp Flix


A magical accommodation for magical moments

You will also stay here during the retreats!

Go with nature into her “winter silence” and enjoy the peace accompanied by the snow, the exhalation, the going within.

Or you can use the place as a great starting point for snowshoe hikes and ski tours.

Winter has a special magic up here on the Alp Flix, with its indescribable starry sky.

So if you would like to combine a horse encounter, coaching or massage with an overnight stay on the alp, please contact me!

+41 79 661 98 58