Rituals – Retreats

Transition rituals – Nourishing

– for groups –

Trust – Embodiment – Empowerment



“FOOD DAY in the herd of horses”

Security – Presence – Being free

The feeding days follow the natural cycles.

We find each other and arrive.

This creates the ground for the day and what wants to unfold that day. Elements of the Natural Healing Arts may be incorporated. It’s new every time.

We connect with the horses and fully engage with the space that is co-created with them. Everyone is fueling up and has something to give.

In it, freedom unfolds.

For people who already know me and the curious who want to be touched.

You are invited to join me for a cup of cocoa to start.


Costs: 55.– to 99.– CHF/person (according to self-assessment)


Next date:

Saturday, March 30, 2024, 11h00 to 16h00, Marmorera

Overnight stay in my Maiensäss www.alpflixunterkunft.ch possible, per person incl. Z’morga 77 CHF

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“Red Moon” – Day Workshop

Being a woman – The archetypes experienced in the cycle

We women are cyclical beings, bound to the cosmos in our cycle. What a feeling of being one. Within our cycles we go through different phases, different phases of energy and creativity. This challenges us into surrender to our cyclical existence.

Together we walk through the different archetypes within us that help shape our being. We learn how to integrate them, balance them and live a serene creativity with them.

Let us live our cycles serenely, with dignity, living our natural sovereignty.

Now you decide how to live this power.

If you don’t have a cycle, then go with the lunar inner cycle. The interconnectedness of the lunar and feminine cycles allows you to arrive deeper into your cosmic being.

I look forward to circling with you…

In solidarity and anticipation


…always remember that you are sooo loved

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Small group: max. 4 participants

Data 2025:

Next date 2025, not yet fixed



300 CHF

Overnight stay in “The Womb House” www.alpflixunterkunft.ch in a twin room possible, per person incl. Z’morga 69 CHF


Meeting place:

10h: 7456 Sur, parking Caltgera > Transport to the alp Flix

Bring along:

Slippers or warm socks, Warm clothes and warm shoes with tread for outside, Drink bottle, Lunch picnic….

you are invited to coffee/tea/snacks.



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“Change to the All-Mother” – Appreciation of Menopause

Farewell to the “Bleeding Woman” – Receiving the “All-Mother” in You

Do you want to celebrate your transition? Then come with us!

You are welcome to move on, into a new quality of your life.


Date 2025 not yet fixed

Day 1

Farewell to the mundane/ Appreciation and integration of what has gone before

Threshold walk – doubts/fears/joy/love/surrender

Ceremony “You are carried

YES to the All-Mother in you

Evening celebration in the circle of the Grand Mothers.


Day 2

Receiving your new dignity

Return to the community of your everyday life


Exclusive for max. 5 women on the alp Flix



Ritual days including transport to the alp/overnight stay in my Maiensäss www.alpflixunterkunft.ch /food:

600 CHF

I look forward to seeing you!

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“MoonWomen with HorseRoots” – Retreat

A retreat series spread throughout the year, in deepest connection with the horse herd for women.

In doing so, you, wonderful woman, can integrate your cyclical being more and more into your everyday life with serenity. Your Womb Consciousness serves as your source of clarity and alignment. Here I open a vessel for you to nourish and test this. Uninhibited. The horses will inspire you and lead you with their radical truth into the merging of your inner and outer presence. Into allowing your inner authority.

The 4-day retreats take place 4 times a year and each time focus on different group themes. Add to that your personal “what do I need right now” theme.

The “MoonWomen with HorseRoots” retreats take place around the new moon and initiate.

You can book the whole series, and you can book individually.

And you can use it for your self-diploma. Only you know what you need.

The retreats all take place in Val Surses. In summer on the Alp Flix and the other dates in Marmorera, always where the horses are, with the wilderness on the doorstep.


Your heart says YES, I am a “MoonWomen with HorseRoots”.

Data 2025 to follow:

Winter Feb

Dignity – The truth of your femininity

Spring May

Your foundation – You with the cosmos

Summer Aug

Your inner man

Fall Nov

Unity – Unity

Exclusive for max. 4 women



1 retreat including accommodation/meals:

1’444 CHF

Overnight stay and meals in my Maiensäss on the Alp Flix.


Details and registration:

CLICK HERE or simply call: 079 661 98 58



“Your Moon Project” – Online

You’ve got something there!

You already know something, or you feel that something wants to come into the world?

Take the feminine and masculine energies of the lunar cycle for your body, your well-being, your creativity and live “your moon project”.

Gently and wisely you set your seed clearly and intuitively, you are allowed to let happen, experience synchronicity and be what you become, every moment anew.

No matter what just wants to be lived, a work project, a personal development stage, a fasting cure… Everything is allowed! We bring to life together.

…and some horse wisdom flows along!

I am already looking forward to the variety!


We meet 5 x online for 2h from 19h – 21h and integrate the 7 moon phases into our projects, he also gives the dates.

-New Moon

-Waxing Moon

-full moon

-Declining Moon

-Rising moon

-Descending Moon




For anyone with equipment for zooming


min. 4 participants



One-time payment: 180 CHF


5 x 40 CHF, each due before the online meeting, you commit to attend all 5 meetings.



Lunar Project 2023/1:

20.2.2023 ♓️/27.2.2023♊️/7.3.2023♍️/14.3.2023♐️/20.3.2023 ♓️; ascending

Lunar Project 2023/2:

21.3.2023 ♈️/28.3.2023 ♊️/6.4.2023 ♎️/13.4.2023 ♑️/18.4.2023 ♈️; ascending

Lunar Project 2023/3:

19.5.2023 ♉️/26.5.2023 ♍️/4.6.2023 ♐️/11.6.2023 ♓️/18.6.2023 ♊️; ascending

Lunar Project 2023/4:

16.8.2023 ♌️/24.8.2023 ♐️/31.8.2023 ♓️/7.9.2023 ♊️/14.9.2023 ♍️; descending


My moon reference

For some years I have been living on the mountain, where far and wide no light burns, but the moon shines.

The irresistible power of the silvery-white pure moonlight is especially noticeable here. Likewise the darkness and also the star power with its milky way at new moon.

I sleep under the skylight and live each lunar cycle consciously, incorporating the energy phases into my daily life.

I work with the different energies of the lunar cycle, within the Womb Reiki, the Womb Blessing. I accompany adolescents, women and menopausal women in their respective transitions, always integrating the cycle.


Love Sieglinde

+41 661 98 58


…always remember that you are so loved.

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Natural Healing Arts:

Nature – Wilderness
Horses: Moving with them into the wilderness – soul walks – trail rides – herd living.
Soul Work – Sovereignty/Synergy/Healing
Wombblessing® – Jikiden Reiki
Lunar Cycle – The 4 Female Archetypes
Medicine Wheel – Four Shields Work
Rites of passage – ceremonies
Bodywork – Feelings/Impulses/Intuition – Nuad Thai Massage
Animal and plant communication
Voice – Drums – Sound2