Suppleness for body, mind and soul

Sieglinde Zottmaier – Natural Healing Arts

Thai massage



Holistic – Rhythmic – Energetic

1:1 session Thai yoga massage – let yourself be moved à 60 min – To try out: 115 CHF

1:1 session Thai yoga massage – let yourself be moved à 90 min: 145 CHF




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What you bring:

Come in comfortable long-sleeved clothing, such as yoga clothes or sweatpants. The massage is performed clothed. It goes from the toes to the scalp. Not worked in the intimate and abdominal area….


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You may be moved, nothing must.

Nuad Thai massage belongs to the Traditional Thai Medicine.

The Thai massage brings your energies into the flow, the muscles and the connective tissue with the fasciae are stretched and via acupressure the Sen is made free.

I originally discovered it for myself as a way to nurture and promote my suppleness, to stay and become agile on a physical, psychological, mental and spiritual level.

My body is my natural home.

This suppleness serves me in my daily work with the horses, on the mountain and in all the challenges that life brings.

And the Thai massage supports, deep and silent, the body to follow my processes. By releasing psychological, mental and emotional blocks, my body opens more and more to a purer perception.

This is true for all of us.

For myself, Thai massage has become an integral part of my health practice, giving it and receiving Thai massage myself about every 3-4 weeks.

And for horse handling I can only recommend them, the horses put me on it. I can thus give them much more freedom in their movement and emotional load.


Jikiden Reiki®


Vitalization – release life energy – serenity


Jikiden Reiki® is the original Japanese Reiki.

With the help of the subtle Reiki energy, we release blockages through our hands, which we perceive as byoses. We bring these accumulations of stressful, possibly pathogenic substances into the flow with our hands, uncovering bottlenecks and thus ensuring that the congestion flows away. From time to time, the body becomes freer from polluting substances. These can be self-produced, e.g. by emotional outbursts, stress, food, and much more, but also influence us from the outside.

Each treatment results in a relaxed, cleansed feeling for body and mind. So it also takes hold mentally.

On a mental level, it helps to go through traumas, overcome fears and break unwanted patterns.

If you want to know more, just give me a call. +41 79 661 98 58.

Jikiden Reiki® – Vitalization, cleansing and healing

60 min: 90 CHF

90 min: 145 CHF



Remote Treatment:

30 min: 50 CHF

45 min: 80 CHF


Reiki is health care and starts at the root. It supports your natural healing processes for many symptoms in the long term:
Headaches, migraines, sports injuries, back pain, chronic pain, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, trauma, and more.

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Horses and you

1:1 session of 2 hours with horses: 240 CHF

In the mirror of the horse herd:

Being touched – being moved

Move – Touch

To lead – to be led


Lap room

1:1 Session Womb Blessing Attunement ‘Female Energy Awakening’ à 60 Min: 90 CHF

1:1 Session Womb Healing ‘Female Energy Balancing’ incl. Lap room energy dispenser à 35 min: 70 CHF

1:1 Session ‘Female Soul Healing’ à 50 Min: 80 CHF

1:1 Session Womb Riding ‘Female Energy Integration’ à 90 Min: 185 CHF

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Cacao in Ceremony

1:1 Session Cacao Ceremony Coaching à 2 hours: 250 CHF

Pair Cacao Ceremony Coaching of 2 hours: 350 CHF

Nourishing day: Cacao in Ceremony in the horse herd: 59-99 CHF


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