Mother Earth – Anchoring in the Cosmos

The mother, the Green Goddess


She loves, is always there, catches us, draws us in. You cannot get lost. It is always present and shows you in every moment how deeply you are connected to it, whether you are aware of it or not. Through them, you are anchored in the cosmos.

Listen to it, perceive it, and you will experience the primal trust it gives you. She invites you to trust her.

You are a part of her, just as she is a part of you. You are nature, it wants to be lived by you, for the good of all.

It reflects your soul via your body, it shows your inner landscape with its wilderness.

You may let yourself sink into her, Mother Earth’s, lap and experience your life securely.

Curiosity and joy lead you into your creative power, you bring into the world…

How to do it? You can observe and remember this with the horses.

You already know. It is at home in your body.

Year cycle – medicine wheel


We live tied into countless cycles. My offerings flow with the cycle of the seasons and the feminine archetypes.

In winter we are silent, sink into ourselves. Then we invite you, deep into the earth, to cleanse ourselves with our inner wind, to become clear, in our essence. The ancient way brings light into the darkness, into our innermost cave. We receive wisdom and nourish our strength. Visions – seeds come into the world. The time for retreats.

Now the spring months are slowly letting us come into the light, we are starting to move again. With the fire of the Spirit, we straighten up, plant and nourish the seed of our vision. A virgin journey in lightness and freedom begins.

To dive unabashedly and joyfully into abundance in summer, to celebrate our fertility, connected in deep love with the land, with the earth, the mother. Now the horses are in full swing and we are on the road a lot, in our home mountains, the Rhaetian Alps. In primal trust we follow our impulses. We enjoy the hours, are pure, enjoy the warm rays of the sun, the fine grasses and withstand any weather break. We feel ourselves as what we are. As a human being, as a horse, as a connected being, as the “I am”, loved and carried by the mother.

Autumn invites us to look back, to appreciate the harvest of what has been sown – lived. In the mirror of the water we take in everything that is. Let us be touched by the magic of feelings and approach the core of our heart.

So we travel on our spirals deep into the darkness of the earth, to stretch out again into the light.