“Intuitive Riding”

In dialogue through feeling – you and your horse

In the Alps with the horses

Soul encounter – connection – riding in the flow



Reduced to the maximum, deeply connected, we ride through the wildness of the Alps.

We experience riding from the moment, in connection, in dialogue with the horse.

Our organisms are merging.

Movement, breath, perception, unfold from this unity.

Listening to the horses, you play with your presence, your power, your energies, your clarity and power of implementation. Nothing must, everything is.

The interplay of you and your horse, the dance of the two united organisms leads you into the lightness of being, into the flow of life, into gentle clarity.




Trail rides for experienced riders


4 – Day – trail rides

3 dates in 2024 see: HERE


7 – Day – trail ride

Due to the reopening of our horse alp Pra Miez, the “Oneness” – 7 day ride will take place again in 2025.


“Set it up”

2– Day – Intuitive riding as preparation for a multi-day ride

max. 4 TN

Date: Sat, June 1, 2024, 10-17h until Sun, June 2, 2024

Mornings: Body and floor work

Afternoon: On horseback


Location: Alp Flix, 7456 Sur



Course: 490 CHF/person, incl. Horse and its equipment and 2 x lunch

Overnight stay: self-catering in the Maiansäss vacation apartment, overnight stay in a 2-bed room:

55 CHF/person with own sleeping bag

75 CHF/person with rental comforter and bed linen


Trail rides/trekking for beginners and novices

“Stepping in”

2 and 3 – day rides

from 2 persons, max. 5 people

Make your dream come true!



on request

Registration and questions HERE


from 2 persons CHF 275/person/day

from 3 persons CHF 250/person/day

plus CHF 20 boardingout of your horse, and overnight stay/boarding out of yourself: depending on the alp CHF 70 to CHF 100, these are usually to be paid in cash on the spot.


In the alpine treks, the weather guides us.

You will soon find detailed information here, or call me on +41 79 661 98 58.

Prerequisite: non-binding preliminary talk




“Soulwalks with the herd of horses

They are quiet and calm. Experience the power of tranquility.

You are allowed to sink into yourself and are carried through the magic of the winter landscape.

Upon request:

120 CHF/2h and person, from 4 persons

otherwise possible as 1:1: 240 CHF/2h


Beginner offer “From the ground to the horse

to touch/to be touched – to move/to touch – to lead/to be led

incl. first ride of 3 hours:

On request

1 person: 400 CHF

2 persons: 500 CHF, on average 250 CHF/person

from 3 persons 185 CHF/person



“Amazons – riding in the female annual cycle”.


A workshop riding series for women spread throughout the year.

In this weekend series, we move with the female archetypes of our cycle. We welcome you at the beginning of their respective seasons and arrive at a deeper understanding of our womanhood.

We go through four archetypes during our cycle, tied to the lunar cycle. The Young Woman, the Mother, the Magician and the Old Wise Woman. They give us different energies and challenges. The more lovingly and accurately we see the archetypes within us, the more deeply we connect with them, the more calmly and optimally we live them in our everyday lives.

Since the archetypes are also present in the annual cycle, tied to the seasons, we constantly accompany them and they us.

In these workshops we do research with them and the horses. The horses give us direct feedback about our inner expression and thus help us into a deeper understanding of ourselves.

There are 4 workshops throughout the year.

The “Amazons – Riding in the Female Annual Cycle” workshops go 2-3 days, you decide.

Registration and details:

CLICK HERE or by phone 079 661 98 58


Workshop Sat/Sun: 490 CHF, bring your own lunch

Incl. Coffee/Tea/Snacks


This series will take place again from 2025. Dates will follow.


You can always join, or choose individually.