Soul Encounters

– listen to the horses –

Horse herd – Community – Ngikhona, I’m here.


Horses are my family, my tribe, my masters.

Sawubona – a greeting in Zulu, an African language, expresses my form of contact with horses.


I see you as you are, your light, your divinity.

I take the liberty of
Discover to see your fears, recognize your darkness and accept it.

I accept you for who you are, and you are a part of me.


Then I exist for you. I am relieved to know that I exist for you.



I am here.

It is through witnessing by the environment that I exist. The organism of the community sees me as an individual, through which I am.
Meeting in the spirit of the Sawubona greeting, I give pure being and am.

The horses meet us exactly in this way, touching us in the depth of our soul.
Through them we see ourselves PUR.

Do you want to be seen PUR and show yourself PUR. In the field of horses you experience yourself and how it feels to allow yourself to be complete.

They accompany and carry you through your fears, your darkness into your grace and purity, teaching you to live your needs and theirs. They get you where they need you.

– A soul encounter –

…and of course I am impressed and inspired by the dignified grace and irrepressible power of these beautiful creatures. Living with them and being in the Alps teaches me more and more every day what it feels like to live my power, my grace and my beauty.

Horse offers here.