Being connected over distance



A wonderful opportunity to settle in comfortably at home, in your familiar place and then connect with the world. What a wonder!

I am learning more and more to feel connected over distances.

An online herd.
Each one for herself/himself in her/his own healing space, chatting, meditating, singing, living soulwork, performing ceremonies, laughing, crying, even nature encounters and herd energy flowing as apparent nothingness to and from us. I feel a focusing of energy into a clear direction that moves and brings into life.

An ideal medium for 1:1 coaching and group ceremonies, in connection with the horses and nature a field of possibilities opens up.

1:1 Coachings Online

1 Session Natural Healing Arts – your very own offer of 1.5 hours: 185 CHF

1:1 Cacao ceremony with coaching of 2 hours: 250 CHF

1:1 Womb healing incl. Kettle energy dispenser remote treatment à 35 minutes: 70 CHF

1:1 Female Soul Healing remote treatment à 50 minutes: 100 CHF

1:1 Jikiden Reiki remote treatment from March 2022 à 45 min: 90 CHF

Groups – Online


“Female Serenity”

4-month online program for women

Guidance from your Oneness

2-weekly via Zoom from 2.2.22

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You can find more offers in the calendar of events

Cocoa ceremony

Worldwide Wombblessing – Group, next date 16.2.22

Nurture Day


You can contact us via the contact form or via the calendar of events to register for your desired date.