Jikiden Reiki


the original Japanese Reiki


Vitalization – release life energy – serenity


Jikiden Reiki works with Reiki energy and is a teaching.

With the help of the subtle Reiki energy, we release blockages through our hands, which we perceive as byoses. We bring these accumulations of stressful, possibly pathogenic substances into the flow with our hands, uncovering bottlenecks and thus ensuring that the congestion flows away. From time to time, the body becomes freer from polluting substances. These can be self-produced, e.g. through emotional outbursts, stress, food, and much more, but they can also enter us from the outside.

Each treatment results in a relaxed, cleansed feeling for body and mind. So it also takes hold mentally.

On a psychological level, it helps to go through traumas, overcome fears and break unwanted patterns.

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Reiki provides lasting support for your natural healing process for many symptoms:
Headaches, migraines, sports injuries, back pain, chronic pain, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, trauma, and more.


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