“In the eye of the horse”

1/2 – year summer project 2023/1



“With the horses in the lifestyle of pure being”.

Horse and nature oriented process guidance into the embodiment of your essence.

In summer project 2023/1, refining your perception is the focus.

To engage in a natural, easy and powerful connection with the horse field and let the herd lead you or move you out of your feeling.

You learn to give yourself and the horses freely.

Herd life and relationship building/nurturing in freedom with your horse.

Pure – Wild – Free – Suitable for everyday use

Pure – pure, holy, sovereign

Wild – wise, intuitive, instinctive, mindful with yourself and your environment

Free – relaxed, integrity, benevolent, soft

Everyday – sustainable for your everyday life

like the horses


Everything is allowed!

Organization and situation

Variant 1: You have your own horse

Your horse will come to Pferdealp Muntatsch in Module 3, from June 2, 2023 to September 10, 2023 (by arrangement). This belongs to my company and can be reached from the Alp Flix.

Variant 2: You do not have your own horse

You will meet my horses in Module 1, one of which will show up as your partner horse. It will be on the Alp from module 3.

Places and procedure

“Tga Tartaruga” – Alp Flix

Here you will be accommodated in a twin room during the “on-site modules”. We cook and eat together. There are 3 vegetarian meals per day, the foods are chosen mindfully.

Our circle meets here every day in the security of the “Tga Tartaruga”, whether in “The heart of the Womb” or outside around the campfire.


Horse pasture Muntatsch and alpine pastures of the alp Flix

“Your” Horse lives during the summer projects on the horse alp Muntatsch and depending on the program we bring the horses to the alpine pastures of the alp Flix.

The horse alp Muntatsch can be reached on foot from the alp Flix.


Mountains – lakes – forests – streams – gorges – meadows – moors

This project takes us outside most of the time, over alps, over passes, through high moors and wild landscapes. In the process, your inner nature is nourished and your senses are enlivened.

Live – Calls

On the platform Zoom from 18h – 20h, reserve 3h

We generate practice exercises for home

1:1 Coaching

Your 1:1 coaching will take place by appointment in July or August, it can be online, or on site with the horses.


A holistic approach to your perception and intuition

  • Your and the group theme with its associated wisdom unfold from within us. We go with what is.
  • Natural horse husbandry in the Alps; herd relocations/treatments on the free horse in the herd
  • Horse and herd understanding, guided herd observations on the alpine pastures.
  • In dialogue with your horse – truthful, natural, mindful interaction with yourself and your horse
  • On the way with the horse/soul walks with the herd, possibly horseback riding
  • Energy work: Chakras/3 Dan Tiens/Breathwork
  • Medicine Wheel/Drum Journeys/Silence/Patchakuti
  • Shamanisumus
  • Herd and group ceremonies
  • You will have the opportunity to visit and observe “your” horse between modules.

The “Vor Ort Termine” always start on Friday evening at 18h30 with a common dinner and a topic circle from about 20 h to 21h30.

On Sunday around 16h/17h we close the circle.

Module Date Type Content
M1/1 Fri, 21 – Sun, 23 April 2023 On site


“Your dance with the herd and the group”.

M1/2 Mon, May 22, 2023 Zoom Your Call: Connection in Devotion
M1/3 Fr. 2nd – Sun, June 4, 2023 On site

What does your horse need from you?

Shadow Fire Light

M1/4 Mon, 10 July 2023 Zoom

Your journey part 1:


M1/5 Mon, August 7, 2023 Zoom

Your journey part 2:

Let happen / Receive

M1/6 Fri, 1 – Sun, 3 September 2023 On site

Your Homecoming:


On date M1/3 we will possibly spend the second night away from home.


Summer project 2023/1:

  • Non-binding preliminary talk
  • Your call to the horses and desire to shed your skin….
  • If the project also leads us to say YES to the horse

Summer project 2023/2:

  • Same as 2023/1 plus:
  • Riding experience in all gaits
  • You trust yourself with physical demands in alpine terrain

Variant 1:

Alpplatz for your horse: approx. 90 days à 8 CHF/day: 720 CHF

Summer project including accommodation and meals: 3’080 CHF

Combined total: 3’800 CHF 3’300 CHF

Variant 2:

Partner horse for the “On site module”: 720 CHF

Summer project including accommodation and meals: 3’080 CHF

Combined total: 3’800 CHF 3’300 CHF

Additional options

4-day trail ride incl. Board and lodging: August 10-13, 2023: 1’300 CHF

Details in due course


Self-diploma modules incl. Board and lodging:

Module I – 5 days: 10-14.1.2024 (11.1. New Moon) : 1’700 CHF

Module II – 10 days: 13.-22.9.2024 ( 18.9. Full moon): 3’300 CHF

Details in due course


Visit “your” horse

You can visit your horse between modules.

If you want to stay overnight, contact us early so that we can provide you with a place. Costs for you, as a project participant, depending on the accommodation between 50 and 80 CHF.

Payment options

Variant 1:

One-time payment due by March 15, 2023 for early booking: 3’200 CHF

Variant 2:

Deposit due upon registration as commitment: 400 CHF

CHF 2,900 due by March 31, 2023

Variant 3:

Deposit due upon registration as commitment: 400 CHF

Installment 1: until March 31, 2023: 500 CHF

Installment 2: until April 30, 2023: 500 CHF

Installment 3: until May 31, 2023: 500 CHF

Installment 4: until June 30, 2023: CHF 500

Installment 5: until July 31, 2023: 500 CHF

Installment 6: until August 31, 2023: 500 CHF


The deposit of 400 CHF will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

Cancellation policy:

The costs will be fully refunded up to 30 days before the start of the trip. Less than 30 days before the start of the trip, the amount will not be refunded, but can be transferred to another person. Deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another offer if space is available.

My herd of horses



The moon



Cosmos and Earth



Wild at Heart



The determinant



The king



Upsidedown with bite



The benevolent


I like to work with:

Alfons Cotti

My friend, horseman and saddle developer

Horse trekking Alp Flix +41 (0)79 337 06 61

Natalie Frey

Heart nurse and partner for vision



Andrea Robert

Friend, companion in the world of horses for children


Elvira Perottoni

The woman for strengthening the self-healing of man and animal

Autobiological learning