“From girl to young woman”

5 days summer riding camp



“Growing up with the horses”

In the horse and nature-oriented process support.

In this 5-day riding camp you will experience being and riding close to nature and an intuitive handling of the horse.

In the process, you explore where your journey leads to the young woman. What’s happening right now with your body, your environment, the demands….

You will discover the beauty of becoming a woman and being a woman. And you will find out what is no longer needed from your girl life, to consciously say goodbye to it, to make a lot of space for the new.

You will live confidence, clarity and grace to return home more adult.

“Your” Horse will be your “soul friend” these days and will always be there for you, clear and graceful.


I have been accompanying girls in their becoming women for 4 years. A touching affair of the heart. The first group comes back every year, now 7-days and a few weekends per year.


And you? Are you in?

I and the horse herd are looking forward to seeing YOU!


Organization and situation

You do not have your own horse

You will meet my horses on the first day, one of which will show up as your partner horse. It is the horse that will accompany you.

Places and procedure

“Tga Tartaruga” – Alp Flix

Here you will be accommodated in a twin room during the “on-site modules”. We cook and eat together. There are 3 vegetarian meals per day, the foods are chosen mindfully.

Our circle finds itself here daily in the security of the “Heart of the Womb”.


Alpine pastures of the Flix Alp Muntatsch horse pasture

“Your” Horse lives in a herd on the alpine pastures of the alp Flix.

The horse alp Muntatsch can be reached on foot from the alp Flix. We will visit them once and observe the summering horses.


Mountains – lakes – forests – streams – gorges – meadows – moors

This project takes us outside most of the time, over alps, through high moors and wild landscapes. In the process, your inner nature is nourished and your senses are enlivened.



A holistic approach to your transition into young womanhood

  • Keeping horses close to nature in the Alps
  • Horse and herd understanding/basics
  • Intuitive dialogue with the horse through your body
  • Daily travel with your horse in alpine terrain/on foot/without saddle/with saddle
  • The power of silence
  • Body awareness/wheel of life/visions
  • Appreciation of the feminine
  • Saying goodbye to the girl/gliding gently into a new phase of life
  • Dealing with the uncertain
  • Dealing with the everyday

Wed, 19 July 2023, 10h to Sun, 23 July 2023, 16h

  • 12 -16 years old, female
  • Riding experience in all gaits
  • Desire for other expectant women
  • Desire for horses and mountains
  • 5-day riding camp, incl. Horse and its equipment
  • 24 h – care
  • Board and lodging
Payment options

1’200 CHF/person

via TWINT or bank transfer

of which 300 CHF when registering as Comittment, the remaining amount is due at the end of June.

My herd of horses



The moon



Cosmos and Earth



Wild at Heart



The determinant



The king



Upsidedown with bite



The benevolent


I like to work with:

Alfons Cotti

My friend, horseman and saddle developer

Horse trekking Alp Flix +41 (0)79 337 06 61

Natalie Frey

Heart nurse and partner for vision



Andrea Robert

Friend, companion in the world of horses for children


Elvira Perottoni

The woman for strengthening the self-healing of man and animal

Autobiological learning