“A thank you to life”

3 day ride

Hiking in the Alps

I offer multi-day rides so that everything may.

To find oneself, to unfold, to experience oneself in harmony with horse and nature.

You find your horse, develop the relationship with him and then together we dive into this powerful landscape. At a walk, at a trot, at a canter, do you feel the rhythm? …and then also sometimes on the ground at the picnic.

Serenely and sovereignly I accompany and guide you on our way. I love to give you this flowing being on the way.


Day 1:

Introduction and meeting, with the group, the herd and your trail horse.

From the ground to the saddle, building connection with your horse, with lunch break.


Packing customer, get ready for day 2

Other days:

Ride off

Walking with what is


The weather is our master, it determines where and how we will be on the road.

The more days we are on the road, the deeper the integration of the powerful experience as a source for your everyday life.

Max. 4 people

Introduction to connecting with horses and getting to know your trail horse. The trail horse with the necessary equipment, including saddle bags. Its away board.
I as a guide and if necessary as a coach.

770 CHF

Excl. Food and lodging, this is paid for by each individual directly on site, as everyone consumes differently and occasionally has different comfort needs and offerings.

1. night: accommodation in yurt hotel
2. Night: away from home

Registration after a non-binding preliminary talk with me: +41 79 661 98 58