Summer program 2023

“An experience for a lifetime”

with Sieglinde Zottmaier

With the horses into the lifstyle of pure being



The 2023/1 and 2023/2 summerprojects include:


3 on-site modules – 3 live calls – 1 individual coaching -workbook/exercises

Accommodation and food for you and “your” horse




"In the horse's eye"

1/2-year summerprocet 2023/1

"In the horses's movement"

1/2-year summerproject 2023/2

"Out into the wild"

7 – day trailrides

"From a gitl to a young woman"

5 – day ridingcamp for 12 -16 years old


    Pure – pure, wholesome, sovereign

    Wild – wise, intuitive, instinctive, mindful of yourself and your surroundings

    Free – relaxed, with integrity, benevolent, soft

    Everyday – sustainable for your everyday life

    like the horses

    Everything is allowed!

    During this time you will notice the changes in you and your horse. In the end you will be sustainable in your self-love, deeply trusting in your intuition and fine in the perception of all being.

    Grounded in everything, in the horse and in life, present and open to the unknown.

    You can register with the 2023 Summer Programs using the contact form.